Massimo Scaligero - Appendices to ON IMMORTAL LOVE (1963)

From “Dell’Amore Immortale” (On Immortal Love). 

Born from profound experience and internal reflection, the work is dedicated to spiritual love and all those that are aware - or unaware - of its pertinence. It contains two Appendices of enormous importance in understanding the significance and grandeur of the work of the Master: “The source of these teaching” and “In order for a spiritual association to live”. 

The first indicates to disciples the risks of intellectualization and „systemized dialect‟ of the spiritual path which is “not knowledge, though it demands mediation by knowledge; its fabric of thought being the same”, as that which can be awakened in a disciple or reader. 

The second provides guardianship to anyone who wants to undertake the way of spiritual research with other investigators to the dangers and deceits that ambush every form of such spiritual association or is presumed as such. 

This text, born from intimate and painful personal experiences is still relevant today. 

Massimo Scaligero (1906-1980), was in fact a thinker of highest level and follower of Giovanni Colazza - one of the direct disciples of Rudolf Steiner. Although he constantly refers in his work to Spiritual Science and to Rudolf Steiner as the “Master of the new times”, he was in fact ostracized from the Antroposophical Society, which even now, twenty years after his passing, has not yet re-evaluated his work. 

Scaligero has been one of the greatest followers of the work of Rudolf Steiner and has contributed to making Spiritual Science known and introduced throughout Italy. The fundamental element in his approach to Antroposophy is the constant reference to the Path of Thought as a theoretical but above all practical attitude to the spiritual development of man today. 

The following two Appendices, translated into English by Mark Willan, are a precious handbook for those who recognize that an association founded on fidelity to spiritual discipline and fraternal approach to its companions, cannot be anything other than “an experiment in human relations between beings that are already united in harmony in accordance with the superhuman”. 


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